Wednesday, June 8, 2011


On the application step I have to make the video of how I made the dress that I drew on paper and scan it an put into my laptop. I used Animation-ish application for drawing the dress on my laptop using the bamboo pen. This is my step how to draw a dress video, in this video I didn't talk because some of technical problem I can't put my voice in this video. I hope you like this video :D


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This are the two different design..

The picture on the left side: 
The color is gray and looks very elegant, because those who wear the dress (in the picture) have a slim posture looks so much better. It's not good to wear this dress if the owner doesn’t have slim posture because the model of this dress is fit in your body.

The picture on the right side: 
The color is beige I think the color is not good because it makes the dress looks dark, but if the one who wear the dress is fat its also okay because the dress designed for the slim and the fat body posture.

I think the people like the picture on the left side more than the picture on the right side because after I asked my friends 90% of them told me that they like the left side picture more than the right side picture because its more unique.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My favourite type of dresses

 In my language B class I allowed to choose the topic that I'll do in my language B class.
 The topic that I choose is fashion (how to draw fashion design). I choose this topic because I like fashion, when I'm bored I always sketch and I want to draw dress or some fashion but my opinion is that my drawing is not good. Because I think my drawing is not good, I want to know how to draw properly and how to draw fashion design? I have so many step that I planned all to success in this project.

This are some dress that I like:
I like this type of dress because the color is make the dress looks more expensive and unique.
This is the one that I like the most, why I like this dress because the shape is looks like a expensive waves and the color is supporting the dress to make unusual dress. 

 This are the 4 popular dresses that I like:
By Allure charmeuse designer dress. Sexy and cute dress with neckline. Its perfect for prom, evening wear and red carpet

By Allure charmeuse designer dress.  short print prom dress with sweetheart neckline. the color is good and glamor. perfect for prom, homecoming, evening wear or party dress.
 By Allure charmeuse designer and Tulle designer dress. jewel applique on waist leads to short ruffed and the skirt with feathers. Perfect for prom, graduation and party dress.
Maggie Sottero designer dress. strapless a line with corset back The ultimate in prom dresses wedding guest dresses holiday party dresses.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hi! Now I'm in language B class, my task is I have to write something in my blog. But I don't know what i have to write. I think I'll write about my daily activities. Everyday from Monday-Friday I go to school until 2:45 and I go home. After I arrived at home mostly I used that time with my free time doing nothing, chatting, etc. If I have lesson at that day I have to go to the lesson. at 6 or 7 o'clock, dinner. After dinner I have to study and do my homeworks. After my homewroks is finish..... I have free time or sometimes I immediately go to sleep.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I made a cartoon animation about adverbs. I enjoyed making this cartoon animation because its fun! I hope you like it :)

Monday, February 28, 2011


Here I made some video about adjective. I made this around 2 weeks. There's my voice in this video but its not so good and not so clear. Honestly this project is not so interesting and sometimes I feel bored with this project but the interesting part is when I searching the video which is good to do with this project. I hope you like it! Please enjoy the video =)


Here I made some video about verbs. I hope you like it =)